Let’s Talk Storage: Long Live Essential Oils!


Let’s Talk Storage: Long Live Essential Oils!

Essential oils are expensive! Also, they are highly concentrated and potent (wonder why they usually come in those beautiful yet TINY containers?).

Let me show you how to make the best of these little aromatic bottles.

Do Essential Oils Expire?

Oils have a long shelf life when stored correctly.
Oils properly stored can be kept for at least one year.

Enemies of Essential Oils

  1. Heat and Light
    Like all oils, these too are flammable.
    Direct sunlight affects an oil’s colour, and therefore its constituents.
  2. Oxygen
    When an essential oil is exposed to air, it oxidises.
    Oil will deteriorate when exposed to air on a frequent and prolonged basis. 
  3. Moisture
    Pure essential oils can also be damaged by moisture.  When water has infiltrated the oil it becomes cloudy and water beads appear at the bottom of the container.

Storage (You might want to bookmark this!)

  1. Keep essential oils in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. 
  2. Always ensure their lid is tightly screwed back on Less empty space in a bottle the better.
  3. Almost empty containers of oils can be transferred to smaller ones.

Afterglow’s Two Cents
Avoid using the same dropper for different oils, the smells blend easily, you will end up ruining the unique quality of the individual oils and all of them will smell similar!

So remember, 

Though essential oils do have a shelf life, there are ways to keep them fresh and potent.

As long as you limit the amount of time they are exposed to light and air, your oils will last for a long time.

It is very easy to get the most out of your essential oils by following these simple guidelines.

We would love to hear any cool tips and hacks you use to store your oils!


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